Benefits of being a vLex publisher

From your business's perspective

  • No need to invest time or money

    You only have to send us the contents you are the copyright holder of and we take care of everything. There is no cost whatsoever for you.

  • You enter a successful proven project

    Already 1685 publishers work with vLex. Some of them have been partners for almost 10 years. So, you will be part of a proven project that has been working successfully for a long time.

  • You get a new business unit

    Benefit from a new way to take the most out of the contents you have created. There are no reproducing costs over the Internet, so you won't have to pay for anything. It's all about benefits for you.

  • Strengthen your online presence in the Internet

    Online presence is imperative for your business. vLex's platform acts as a trampoline for your business letting you reach millions of people.

  • Reach new markets

    vLex is widely used in more than 120 countries. Besides, through our online presence your contents are potentially reviewed worldwide.

  • Maximum transparency for your business

    At any time you can access a control panel to check how your contents are working. We never hide information that is important for your business.

From the technical and content-related points of view

  • You work with a strong technological partner

    Your contents will be stored in a platform now containing more than 171 million documents in (cuenta_i) different languages. So, our systems have the right capacity to work with large volumes of information.

  • You can forget about operational processes

    Everyday, thousands of documents are processed and added into our information platform. vLex has a standarized working procedure so that your contents are in perfect conditions over the Internet

  • Maximum visibility and promotion for your articles

    Users have several ways to access your contents, either by searching or navigating the web from your publisher exclusive webpage or your books and magazines' index links

  • You definitely protect your contents

    At no time will a user be able to access your contents in full text unless he has paid for them. Moreover, our system can prevent your contents from being downloaded if it detects any unreasonable intention

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