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VLEX respects the Intellectual Property Rights and complies with the regulation in force on this matter. Licensors of newspaper articles, magazines, books, treatises, monographs and other material (hereinafter the “Publishing Company”) have ensured VLEX that they have the right to authorize the publication, electronic distribution and commercialization of all materials supplied to VLEX. If you are an author and have questions about the electronic distribution of your materials, please contact your Publishing Company directly. If you are in conversations with your Publishing Company to authorize the electronic distribution of these materials in VLEX, please send us a written notice to the address below written.

It shall be a written notice and shall include the following information:

(1) Complete identification of all materials published, including document title, VLEX data base where the material has been published and the Vlex Id of the documents.

(2) Your name, address, phone or fax numbers and email address.

(3) Photocopy of a document certifying your identity in the countries and jurisdictions you are registered.

(4) A statement signed by you stating that you are the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights, and that the Publishing Company does not have the power to license such materials.

The contact information provided must be correct and complete to allow us to confirm the authenticity of the request and to contact you.

Please address your request to:


Sr. Alberto Pérez

Almogàvers 119-123, 3th floor

08018 Barcelona (Spain)

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