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For almost 100 years, SLA has served as the leading association representing special librarians and information specialists around the world. As SLA prepares for its second century of service, it does so amid sweeping technological changes that are not only reshaping the information industry, but redefining the role that the Association and the profession will play in the future. The need to generate a sharper focus on the perceived value of the Association and the profession is even more pressing as SLA prepares for its centennial in 2009. This significant milestone provides a unique opportunity to establish a shared vision for the future and the role of information professionals in it.

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  • Information Outlook From January 1997
    Last Number: July 2017 Special Libraries Association ISSN: 1091-0808

    Books and Journals (United States)

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Special Libraries Association
331 South Patrick Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3501 USA

Telephone: +1.703.647.4900
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web: www.sla.org

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