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We have been publishing for 25 years and we know what we are doing. We are the oldest and largest audio publication still operating under original ownership. We are also the only audio publication that specializes in passing along pricing and markup trend information along with all the inside industry dope that we can dig up. We are literally the only audio equipment review publication in the world that rates products on the basis of sound quality instead of a list-price hierarchy. In a time when our competitors change their opinion on "what's best" every 60 days, we can fully stand behind what we printed 10, 15, 20 years ago. Let's face facts: your hearing and the laws of physics and acoustics are fairly stable. Join us in our quest of separating audible fact from audio fantasy

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  • Sensible Sound From November 1997
    Last Number: April 2008 Sensible Sound ISSN: 0199-4654

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Sensible Sound
The $ensible Sound
403 Darwin Dr.
Snyder, N.Y. 14226

e-mail: SensiSound@


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