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Founded twenty years ago, The International Economy is a specialized quarterly magazine covering global financial policy, economic trends, and international trade. Labeled by the Washington Post “that precocious Washington [quarterly],” the publication is edited for and read by central bankers, politicians, and members of the financial community including professional investment managers, macroeconomic specialists, and high net-worth global investors. Widely recognized and quoted in the popular business press, the focused editorial content has attracted a loyal readership base among the world’s most powerful and influential decisionmakers.

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  • The International Economy From May 2000
    Last Number: September 2017 International Economy Publications, Inc. ISSN: 0898-4336

    Books and Journals (International Law)

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International Economy Publications, Inc.
888 16 St. NW, Ste. 740,
Washington, DC 20006,
United States

(202)861-0790 fax

e-mail: awilkes@


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