DIPP. Digital Peer Publishing

Information management in the digital age facilitates a fast and direct knowledge transfer in research and education. For scholalry information, citability and quality assurance play a major role in the digital information flood of the internet; many partners in DiPP apply the publication format of an eJournal because it is both established and innovative. Within the eJournals novel forms of scholarly communication are introduced that explore the challenges beyond traditional publishing, e.g. by including dynamic media and primary sources of research or apply novel forms of quality assurance and reviewing. The DiPP platform provides technical, legal and organisational frameworks and tools for scholarly publishing that are adapted to the individual needs -- from simple registration and distribution of papers in repositories to complex, multi-medial eJournals with peer-review.

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DIPP. Digital Peer Publishing
Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen Jülicher Straße 6 D-50674 Köln Germany

Tel: 0221-400 75-241
Tel: 0221-400 75-180

e-mail: dipp@

web: www.dipp.nrw.de

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