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Updated at August 21, 2019

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From 1 January 2016 The Internet Resources In The Republic Of Kazakhstan Are Subject To Mandatory Registration

Expected Amendments To The Legislation On Personal Data: Requirement For 'Localization Of Personal Data' In Kazakhstan

Amendments To Laws On TV And Radio Broadcasting In Kazakhstan

Changes To The Regulation Of Pharmaceutical Business In Kazakhstan: Implications For Pharmaceutical Companies

Amendments To The Advertising Law


Reform Of Pharmaceutical Regulation In Kazakhstan

Institute Of 'Data Exclusivity' In Kazakhstan And Its Influence On Activity Of Pharmaceutical Companies

Amendments To The Federal Law ‘On Medicines Circulation'

orporate/Commercial Law

Merger Control Of International Transactions Or Risk Associated With Gun Jumping In Kazakhstan

What Developments Can We Expect In The Area Of Antimonopoly Legislation In The Near Future?

Significant Amendments Expected To Legislation Regarding State Regulation Of Strategic Economy Sectors In Kazakhstan


July Newsletter Of Associated Office Of GRATA International In Belarus (Minsk) Arzinger&Partners

Mining Law Kazakhstan 2016

Accounting and Audit

Tax And Customs Laws Update

Court Practice On Tax Disputes (Primary Accounting Documents – What To Refer To?)

Additional Tax Assessment Following Transfer Pricing Control Audit

Law Practice Management

Central Asian Legal Services Industry Snapshot

Consumer Protection

Frivolous Claims: Legacy Of Liebeck vs. Mcdonald's In Central Asia


Court Practice On Customs Disputes


Publication On Rehabilitation And Bankruptcy In Kazakhstan

Wealth Management

Investing In Kazakhstan: New In Dispute Resolution

Law Department Performance

Legal Instruments Of Proof Of Work On A Contract At Dispute Of Their Performance

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