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Updated at April 15, 2019

Table of Contents

Corporate/Commercial Law

Discussion Of Available Means To Mitigate Legal Risks Faced By Foreign Investors Doing Business In The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Real Estate and Construction

State Registration Of Real Estate Rights: Changes In The Procedure For Certification And Amount Of The Fee For Provision Of Information From Registers

Licensing Of Construction Activities In Kazakhstan

Real Estate 2016

Amendments In Legislation On State Registration Of Real Estate Rights

The Priority Right Of The State

Additional Work Under A Construction Contract: Practical Advice On How To Avoid Disputes

Use Of EPC Contracts In The Republic Of Kazakhstan


2018 Law Reforms

New On VAT Registration In Kazakhstan

Latest Amendments To The Criminal Code Envisage Conditions For Exemption From Liability For Certain Tax Offences

Changes In Tax And Customs Legislation: Novelties In The Appeals Procedure And Certain Administrative Matters

Legislation Alert - May 2016

Legislation Alert - April 2016

New In Tax Administration: In What Cases Is Personal Appearance Of The CEO Mandatory?

Some Taxation Issues In The Oil And Gas Industry

Review Of The Regulatory Resolution Of The Supreme Court Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan 'On The Judicial Practice Of Application Of The Tax Law'


Investment Projects: New Opportunities for Obtaining Tax Incentives. IV Investors' Voice Magazine: Winter Spotlight On Tax And Legal Reform

Legislative News. June 2017

Legislative News. May 2017

General Legal Aspects Of Public Private Partnership In Kazakhstan

Personal Data Protection

Does A Witness Need An Attorney During A Police Interview?

Rule Of Law In Kazakhstan: Maintaining Momentum

Kazakhstan Introduces Public Private Partnership Law

Procurement And National Suppliers

Brief Summary Of The Major Novelties Of The Draft PPP Law In Kazakhstan

Attracting Private Investment To Develop Kazakhstan's Infrastructure: A Lawyer's Perspective

'On Both Sides Of The Caspian Sea', A Comparative Analysis Of The Investment Law In Kazakhstan And Azerbaijan Exclusively For PETROLEUM Analytical Journal

Subsoil Users’ Procurement Rules Dated 14 February 2013: Analysis Of Key Changes

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