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Updated at August 21, 2019

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Personal Data: Introduction

New Decree Defines The Scope Of Kazakhstan's State Electronic Database

Personal Data Storage In Kazakhstan: Amendments To Come Into Effect On 1 January 2016

Kazakhstan Introduces New Privacy Law

Eastern European Data Protection Update: Ukraine & Kazakhstan


Novelties In The Legislation On Construction And Real Estate In Kazakhstan

Subsoil User's Liability: Three Case Studies

Law On The Transition To A Green Economy Presented In Kazakhstan

CASE STUDY: Compensation For Environmental Damage As A Result Of Production Of Commonly Occurring Mineral Resources

Risks In Trading Quotas For The Emission Of Greenhouse Gases


Significant Amendments To The Law On Arbitration Have Been Adopted In Kazakhstan

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitration

Latest Amendments To The Law On Arbitration And The Civil Procedure Code

Amendments To The Civil Legislation Re The Institute Of Invalidity Of Transactions

Litigation In Central Asia And The Caucasus And MWP's Dispute Resolution Practice

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Kazakhstan 2016

Major Changes In The Laws Governing Functioning Of The Arbitral Tribunals In Russia

How Not To Fall Victim To Your Own Lawyers

The Recent Trend Of Tax Authorities To Sink Information – Basis Of Tax Assessments

Adoption Of The Law 'On Arbitration'

Mediation As A Modern Means For Settlement Of Conflicts

What Is The Correct Way To Determine Jurisdiction Of Disputes With Participation Of Investors In The Subsoil Use Sphere?

Overview Of Recent Significant Developments In The Civil Procedure Code Of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - Law & Practice

Getting The Deal Through – Dispute Resolution 2014

Comparative Analysis Of Injunctive Relief Available Under English And Kazakh Law: Practitioner’s Perspective

Energy and Natural Resources

A Decade Of Legislation On Renewable Energy In Kazakhstan: A Brief Review

New Opportunities For Investors: Obtaining Subsoil Use Right For Hydrocarbons Through Auction

Kazakhstan Adopts New Subsurface Use Code: A Summary Of Key Novelties

On Novelties Of Subsoil Use Code

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