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Updated at August 21, 2019

Table of Contents

Employment and HR

Collective Bargaining Agreements

The Regulations, Permits And Laws

Certain Aspects Of Employment Termination By The Employer

New Work Permit Issue Rules

New Work Permit Rules: Step Forward Or Step Back?

New In Settlement Of Labour Disputes: Conciliation Commission

New Labor Code: Employment Agreement Termination

Employment & Labour Law 2016

2016 Labour Code Changes In Kazakhstan

Main Provisions Of The New Labor Code In Kazakhstan

New Labor Code Approved In Kazakhstan

Proposed Amendments To The Labour Legislation Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Labor Law: Employers Will Welcome Proposed Changes To The Labor Code

General Labour Market Trends And Latest/Likely Trends In Employment Litigation (Global Legal Insight: Employment & Labour Law – Third Edition)

Recent Developments In Azerbaijani Labour Law

Anti-trust/Competition Law

Legislative News - November-December 2017

Recent Major Amendments To The Antimonopoly Legislation

IP Enforcement In Kazakhstan. How It Really Works

The New Antitrust Regulation - Taxation Of Subsoil Users

Antimonopoly Regulation Of Tenders

Common Pharmaceutical Market Of The Eurasian Economic Union: Rules Of Access And Competition

What Developments Can We Expect In The Area Of Antimonopoly Law In The Near Future?

Natural Monopolies Regulation In Kazakhstan


Amendments To The Rehabilitation And Bankruptcy Law


Recent Changes In Advertising Regulation In Kazakhstan

New Requirements For The Distribution Of Informational Products In The Territory Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Legal Grounds For Restricting Access To Internet Sites In Kazakhstan

Foreign TV And Radio Broadcasters Required To Establish And Register A Representative Office In Kazakhstan By 1 January 2017

To The Attention Of Foreign TV And Radio Broadcasters: Register A Representative Office By January 1, 2017

Security Certificate Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan: The State Will Be Able To Control The Encrypted Internet Traffic Of Users

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