Intellectual Property

Significant Tax Incentives For IP-Derived Income, IT-Related And Telecommunication Services

Corporate/Company Law

Luxembourg Collateral Act Remains Favourable To Creditors: Insolvency Protection Of Creditors And Collateral Takers According To The Laws Of Luxembourg

Changes In Revocation Of Voluntary Winding-Up

Refuse The Filing Of Resolutions In Revocation Of Voluntary Winding-Up

Holding Companies - The VAT Challenge

Finance and Banking

Shedding Light On A Fast-Growing Asset Class: Loan Funds

Clarification Of The Scope Of The UCITS And AIFMD Depositary Regimes

Transitioning To IFRS 9: Reporting On Funds

Building Blocks For A More Sustainable Financial System

CSSF On-Site Inspections

Fees To Be Levied By The CSSF - Update January 2018

CSSF Circular 15/633

Soparfi : The Luxembourg Holding And Finance Company - Update January 2018

CSSF Sets Out More Restrictive Policy On UCITS Investment In Non-UCITS Funds

Drafting Limited Partnership Agreements Under Luxembourg Law

Inducements Under The IDD (Compared To MiFID)

CSSF Press Release 18/02 – Change Of Regulatory Practice

IFRS 9: Classifying Financial Assets As Equity Instruments

Updated CSSF UCI FAQ: Policy Change Regarding Investments In Non-UCITS ETFs

CSSF Clarifies Application Of MiFID/MiFIR

Qualifying Holdings In The Financial Sector

Permanent Exemption From Variation Margin Obligation For FX Forwards?

AIFM ESMA Q&A: Update October 2017

EBA Publishes Opinion On Transition To PSD2

Three VAT Jingles Not To Miss Before Year-End

Which Would You Rather Lose: Phone Or Wallet? (And Why This Apparently Trivial Question Is Relevant To Private Banks)

Intertrust Offers AIFM Services From Luxembourg

How The IDD Will Affect Insurance-Based Investment Products

MiFID II And VAT: What To Expect

Luxembourg Draft Bill Of Law 7199 Implementing PRIIPs

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