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Mis à jour le 17 septembre 2018

Corporate/Commercial Law

New Draft Law N°6777 To Create A Simplified Private Limited Liability Company

The Simplified Private Limited Liability Company: A New Tool For Fostering The Entrepreneurial Culture In Luxembourg?

Mandatory Immobilisation Of Bearer Shares And Units

Reform Of The Bearer Shares Regime In Luxembourg

ESMA Publishes Updated Q&A On Prospectus Issues

Family Wealth Management In Luxembourg: We Are Not Done Yet, Despite The Changes To The Information Exchange

Luxembourg Reforms Its Bearer Shares Regime

Transparency Act 2008 – New CSSF Guidance On Publication Of Periodic Financial Information

Due Diligence Of Luxembourg Target Companies

Sàrl Company Incorporation

Luxembourg Council Of State Opinion On The Private Foundation Bill

Adoption Of Regulatory Technical Standards For The Publication Of Prospectus Supplements

Statute For A European Cooperative Society (SCE)

A New Regime For European Venture Capital Funds

Special Limited Partnerships (SLPS) Introduced In Luxembourg

ECJ - Decision C123-11: Use Of Tax Carried Forward Losses In Case Of Cross-Border Merger

New Law On Dematerialised

Special Limited Partnership (Société En Commandite Spéciale) Introduced Under Luxembourg’s AIFMD Legislation

ESMA Final Guidelines On Sound Remuneration Policies Under The AIFM Directive

Luxembourg Budget 2013 - Tax Measures Impacting The Private Equity Industry

Calculation Of Leverage By UCITS: CSSF Press Release

Law Relating To The Squeeze Out And Sell Out Of Securities Admitted Or Having Been Admitted To Trading On A Regulated Market Or Having Been The Object Of A Public Offer

New Act On Squeeze-Outs And Sell-Outs

Insolvency/Bankruptcy and Re-structuring

Being A Bondholder In A Distressed Situation: The Debt Equity Swap Route - A Vessel Fraught With Pitfalls?


Implementation Of IDD: Impact On Insurance And Reinsurance Distributors And Better Protection For Policyholders

Q&A With Eva Gyori-Toursel: A Luxembourg Perspective On The Forthcoming Insurance Distribution Directive

Solvency II Update For Asset Managers

The Insurance Distribution Directive And Its Consequences For The Luxembourg Life Insurance Industry

Product Oversight And Governance Requirements Under IDD

Are You Ready To Provide Training Sessions Under IDD?

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