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Mis à jour le 30 novembre 2018

Finance and Banking

How Banks Are Tearing Down And Rebuilding Customer Experience

CSSF Issues Circular 18/697 On Organisational Arrangements Applicable To Depositaries Of Non-UCITS Funds

CSSF Updates Its Frequently FAQs On AIFMs

CSSF Issued Its First FAQ On MMFs

CSSF Issues New Substance Circular For Luxembourg Investment Fund Managers

New CSSF Circular 18/697 On Non-UCITS Depositaries

More Rules Impacting The Non-UCITS Depositary Industry

New CSSF Circular For Luxembourg Investment Fund Managers And AML Requirements Applicable To Investment Fund Managers And Registrar Agents.

What Has The RAIF Brought Luxembourg?

New CSSF Circular On Substance Requirements Of Fund Management Companies In Luxembourg

CSSF Declares (Renewed) Interest In EMIR Compliance

Asset Managers Must Also Be Investor Experience Managers

Luxembourg's Nurturing Ecosystem For Ethical And Responsible Investment Funds

Entry Into Force Of The MMF Regulation

Funds Insights From Luxembourg

Implementation Of MiFID II And Other Recent Publications

MiFID II: Recent Publications

Implementation Of Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR)

Non-Regulated AIFs: New Reporting Obligations

Incompatibility: Chairman Of The Board And Effective Director Functions

Before You Set Your Alternative Performance Measures, Read This

New Guidelines Ask Banks To Rethink Internal Governance

Law Transposing MiFID II Into National Law Published In The Mémorial

Three Opportunities For Fintech Companies

Bank CDOs: How To Make Your Data Governance Initiatives Bankable

5th AML Directive - Key Aspects

Key Regulatory Developments In Luxembourg

Law On Undertakings For Collective Investment (UCI) - Update June 2018

Gesetz Uber Verwalter Alternativer Investmentfonds (AIFM) - Aktualisierung Juni 2018

Law On Alternative Investment Fund Managers („AIFM') - Update June 2018

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