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Mis à jour le 18 mars 2019

Finance and Banking

The SIF Regime - Update January 2019

The RAIF Regime - Update January 2019

The SICAR Regime - Update January 2019

Circular 19/708 Concerning The Electronic Transmission Of Documents

Brexit: New Draft Law Aiming At Mitigating Brexit Effects And Safeguarding The Interests Of The Luxembourg Financial And Insurance Sectors

CSSF And CBI Joint Statement On The Treatment Of MMF Share Cancellation

CSSF Issues A Press Release On Investment Management Delegation And The Temporary Permissions Regime In The Brexit Context

Impairment Of Leases… Think Outside The Box!

Financial Conduct Authority Opens Notifications For Temporary Permissions Regime In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

We Asked European Family Businesses What Their Top Priorities Are

New IP Regime To Be Introduced In 2018 (August 2017)

CSSF Approves The First ADGM Regulated Asset Manager To Manage A Luxembourg UCITS

Cost Sharing VAT Exemption: Not Applicable In The Financial And Insurance Sectors

Amendments Of Level 2 Regulations Regarding Safekeeping Obligations For AIF And UCITS Depositaries

2018 Budget: Main Tax Measures

Fidelity Funds vs The Danish Ministry – CJEU Rules In Favour Of Taxpayers

RAIF Is Right For You: Fast, Flexible And Practical

How Banks Can—And Must—Help Save The Planet

The Santander Autogrill Case: The End Of Round 1

AIFM: Update Of ESMA's Q&A

ATOZ Insights - December 2017

5 Minutes To Bring You Up To Speed On The Common Reporting Standard

Benchmark Regulation: Update Of ESMA's Q&A

UCITS QFII: Recent Developments

Payment Accounts: New CSSF Circular

AIFM: Update Of ESMA's Q&A

The Ideal Investment Platform For A New And Hungry Market

Bill Introducing Investment Restrictions For SIFs And UCIs And Amending SICAR And AIFM laws

ATOZ Insights - July 2016

Unicorns: Prized Game For Investors On The Hunt

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