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Mis à jour le 21 octobre 2018

Finance and Banking

CSSF Press Release 18/02 – Change Of Regulatory Practice

IFRS 9: Classifying Financial Assets As Equity Instruments

Updated CSSF UCI FAQ: Policy Change Regarding Investments In Non-UCITS ETFs

CSSF Clarifies Application Of MiFID/MiFIR

Qualifying Holdings In The Financial Sector

AIFM ESMA Q&A: Update October 2017

Permanent Exemption From Variation Margin Obligation For FX Forwards?

EBA Publishes Opinion On Transition To PSD2

Three VAT Jingles Not To Miss Before Year-End

Which Would You Rather Lose: Phone Or Wallet? (And Why This Apparently Trivial Question Is Relevant To Private Banks)

Intertrust Offers AIFM Services From Luxembourg

How The IDD Will Affect Insurance-Based Investment Products

MiFID II And VAT: What To Expect

Luxembourg Draft Bill Of Law 7199 Implementing PRIIPs

Hub Of European Fund Industry

The Amended EuVECA And EuSEF Regulations

Unlocking The Value Of Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) In Real Estate

CSSF Issues Circular 17/671 Specifying CSSF Regulation 16-07 On Out-Of-Court Resolution Of Complaints

CSSF's Reminder On Indices Used As Benchmarks

CSSF Circular 17/670 On The Assessment Of Knowledge And Competence

Fund Distribution To German Investors In 2018 – What Will Change? #TAX - Video

Comparison Table Of Luxembourg Investment Vehicles

Luxembourg Corporate - Unregulated Securitisation Vehicles

Securitization Fund | Securitization Vehicle Luxembourg (Video)

ELTIFS | European Long Term Investment Funds (Video)

MIFID II: Communication Solutions And The European MIFID Template

CSSF Circular 17/671

Introducing The RAIF And Major BEPS Developments Relevant To Funds

The Unregulated Luxembourg Common And Special Limited Partnerships (CLP And SLP) - Brochure

Reserved Alternative Investment Funds - Brochure

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