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Updated at September 16, 2019

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Finance and Banking

Enhanced Version Of Regulations Governing The Luxembourg Register Of Beneficial Owners ('RBO').

Benchmarks Regulation Amendments (Video)

Benchmarks Regulation (Video)

Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs) Transition (Video)

Luxembourg Leadership Team Expands With Three Senior Hires

CSSF's eDesk Portal Available For The Mandatory Notification In The Context Of Brexit

CSSF Opens Online Portal For Mandatory Notifications In Relation To Brexit

Luxembourg Bills Implementing ATAD II And DAC6 Published Today

Luxembourg Register Of Beneficial Owners: Publication Of Illustrative Examples On The Identification Of The Beneficial Owner

Luxembourg Law Implementing The EuVECA, EuSEF, MMF, ELTIF And Securitisation Regulations Published In The Memorial

CSSF Published FAQ Concerning Swing Pricing Mechanism

How Performance Fee Requirements Could Change Your Business Model

Performance Fees For The Fund Industry: It's Decision Time

Investors Call For Better Communication In Financial Reporting

Electronic Reporting – Why You Should Focus On The IFRS Taxonomy Now

Law On Reserved Alternative Investment Funds („RAIF') - Update July 2019

Brexit: Important Clarifications Published By The CSSF

New IP Circular

Upcoming EU Interbank Offered Rates ('IBOR') Transition

ESMA Consults On Draft Guidelines For UCITS Performance Fees

EU Sustainable Finance Explained

CSSF On Mandatory Notifications In A No-Deal Brexit Context

Navigating A Shifting Regulatory Landscape - The Importance Of Risk Management

Securitisation And Other EU Regulations: New Sanction Powers

New CSSF PRIIPs Assessment Request

Register Of Beneficial Owners: Update

Dematerialisation Of Requests To The CSSF

CSSF Annual Report 2018

EMIR Refit

New ESMA Q&A Addressing AIFMD And UCITS Depositary Issues

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