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Updated at January 16, 2020

Table of Contents

Finance and Banking

Responsible Investments: From Industry Good Practice To Law

ETF, A Rising Star In The Investment Universe

New CSSF Circular 16/644 On UCITS Depositary Bank Duties

Future Clarification Of The Depositary Regime Of 'Part II' Funds


Cssf Circular 16/641 Updating CSSF Circular 15/629 On Supplementary Supervision Of Financial Conglomerates

Luxembourg Regulator Updates Rules For UCITS Depositaries

New TP Guidance Inspired By BEPS Action 8-10 Published In Budget Law 2017 On October 12, 2016


UCITS V Regulation On Depositaries' Obligations Comes Into Force

An Interview With FinTech Company APS

Impacts Of The Blockchain On Fund Distribution

In The Search For Yield, One Area Is Looking Rather Promising

Product Profitability In Wealth Management And Private Banking

Don't Delay The MiFID II Implementation Phase

New Strategies In A Changing World Of Bank Regulation - Making A Fresh Start

Comparison Table Of RAIF To Other Luxembourg Regulated And Unregulated AIFs

The PRIIPs MOPs Challenge: Multiple Options! …But Multiple Interpretations

An Interview With Fintech Company SESAMm

BREXIT - Why Are British Funds And Companies Reallocating To Luxembourg ?

What Might A Future EMIR Sanction Regime Look Like?

From The World Of Luxembourg Banking: Five Ways To Improve Your Efficiency

How The Cross-Border Economy Is Changing The Wealth Management And Private Banking Industry

Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) Law Passed In Luxembourg

New Luxembourg RAIF Structure Likely To Prove Attractive

The RAIF: For Investments Of Any Colour

The New 'RAIF': Reserved Alternative Investment Fund

New Luxembourg Regime For Alternative Investment Funds - RAIF

PRIIPs And Grandfathering: Where's This Debate Headed?

Reserved Alternative Investment Funds: Luxembourg Is One Step Ahead Of The Game

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