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Updated at January 16, 2020

Table of Contents

Finance and Banking

CSSF Circular 14/591 – Material Changes To UCIs

CSSF Circular 14/587 – New Rules Applicable To Depositary Banks

ESMA Guidelines On Reporting Obligations

Updated CSSF FAQ

Updated ESMA Q & A

Circular 14/589 – Out Of Court Settlement

Uncertainties On Definition Of FX Financial Instruments

EMIR- Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI)

Guidelines On ETFs And Other UCITS Issues - Update

UCITS V Adopted

Application Questionnaire For UCITS

Application Questionnaire To Set Up An UCITS

Mobile Banking Strategy – What Are The Key Success Factors?

First R-QFII Manager Based Outside Greater China To Obtain CSSF Approval For A R-QFII UCITS-Compliant Product

CSSF Issues New Update To AIFMD Law Q&A

Luxembourg AIFM: End Of The One Year Transitional Period

New CSSF Circular Regarding The Protection Of Investors In Case Of A Material Change To An Open-Ended UCI

UCITS Depositary Regime Clarified By The CSSF

New CSSF Circular On UCITS Depositaries

Luxembourg Sukuk Bill Adopted

CSSF Updates Their AIFMD FAQs

CSSF Circular 14/587

New Depositary Standards In Anticipation Of UCITS V

ECJ Judgement On Access To Prospectuses In Electronic Form

New CSSF Circular - Out-Of-Court Resolution Of Complaints

Prospectus Directive – Delegated Regulation

China And Luxembourg Prepare For Currency Clearing Deal

UCITS V Directive Adopted By The European Parliament

ESMA Draws Up Proposed AIFMD Passport Questions For Regulators

Luxembourg Newsletter - March 2014

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