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Updated at December 10, 2019

Table of Contents

Finance and Banking

New CSSF Circular On Cooperation With Judicial Authorities

Advantages And Expertise Of – And Opportunities For – The Luxembourg Financial Sector In The Creation And Registration Of Microfinance Investment Funds

ESMA Unveils AIFMD Supervisory Pact With 34 Non-EU Regulators

ESMA Publishes Final Report On Key AIFM Directive Concepts

L'échange De Renseignements Sur Les Comptes Bancaires Est Une Assistance Conditionnée Qui Doit Pouvoir Être Vérifiée Par Le Contribuable

European Commission Publishes Regulations On AIFMD Opt-In And Member State Of Reference

Law Of April 6, 2013 On Dematerialised Securities

EU Commission Proposal For An EU Financial Transaction

CSSF Circular 13/559 And ESMA's Q&A Relating To ESMA's Guidelines On ETFS And Other UCITS

Securitization FAQ Published By The CSSF

ECJ - Decision C-275/11: Confirmation Of The VAT Exemption On Advisory Services Rendered To The Management Company Of An Investment

Draft Law 6543 Relating To Electronic Archiving

CSSF Form For Assessment Of Compliance With Circular

Luxembourg’s AIFM Directive Transposition Law Awaits Scrutiny By Parliament

Luxembourg CSSF Published Circular 12/540 On Non-Launched, Inactive And Closed Fund Compartments

Hedgeweek Guide To Setting Up Luxembourg Alternative Investment Funds

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive - Recent Developments

Comparison Table Of Luxembourg Investment Vehicles

Authorisation Requirements Of Luxembourg Investment Advisers To Luxembourg Funds (I.E. SIFs, UCITS, Etc.)

Case GFBK – C-275/11 – Investment Fund Advisory Services May Be VAT Exempt

Luxembourg Imposes New Requirements On Investment Advisors And Investment Managers Of Undertakings For Collective Investments

New Requirements For Investment Advisors

Luxembourg Financial Regulator (CSSF) Introduces New Rules On The Access Of A Luxembourg Entity To IT Resources Of The Same Group

Draft Guidelines On Key Concepts Of The AIFMD

Island Of Calm On A Storm-Lashed Continent

Guaranteed Funds In Luxembourg - The Prudential Regime In A Nutshell

Judgment Of 26 September 2012: 'The French Supreme Court Strikes Down One Way Jurisdiction Clause'

MiFID: ESMA Guidelines

AIFMD: Luxembourg Bill Of Law Implementing AIFMD Now Deposited

BCL Regulation On Additional Temporary Measures Relating To Eurosystem Refinancing Operations And Eligibility Of Collateral

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