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Updated at December 12, 2019

Table of Contents

Finance and Banking

Luxembourg Stock Exchange Professional Segments – The Real Impact

Luxembourg Tackles UCITS Cross-Border Marketing Issues/Investment Policy Concerns In The Brexit Context

BREXIT: Luxembourg Takes Additional Steps To Mitigate Brexit Effects

Luxembourg Tax Reform For 2019: Part II

Temporary Permissions Regime & The Brexit Deadline

Law Implementing ATAD Enters Into Force

Finance Bill 2019: CIT Reduction And Optional Extension Of Interest Limitation Rules On Fiscal Unity Level

VAT Circular N°790 Dated 18 January 2019 – Fair Market Value And VAT

Central Register Of Beneficial Owners Of Companies And Legal Entities 'RBE' – Latest Update

Brexit: New Luxembourg Bill Of Law

AML/FT In The Private Banking Sector

Key Regulatory Developments In Luxembourg - February 2019

CSSF: Secure Electronic Transmission Of Documents

Covered Bond Banks

Investment Fund Managers: English Version Of CSSF Circular 18/698

Brexit: The Luxembourg Emergency Legislation

Brexit : Delegation And UK Temporary Regimes

Luxembourg ATAD I Implementation Creates Uncertainty In Capital Market Transactions

New FX Legislation In Ukraine Gives More Flexibility To International Lenders And Local Borrowers

ESMA And European Securities Regulators, Including CSSF, Agreed MoUs With The FCA

CSSF And HK Securities And Futures Commission Signed MoU On Mutual Recognition Of Funds

The Future Of AIFMD And Depositary After Brexit?

Luxembourg Hard Brexit Bill Of Law Deposited On 31 January 2019 To The Luxembourg Parliament

ALFI Publication On REI Funds: Guidance Note For The Asset Management Industry

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) Recommendations On Changes To The PRIIPs KID

ESMA Publishes List Of Thresholds Below Which An EU Prospectus Is Not Required

Luxembourg Collective Investment Vehicles : Legal Regime And Features In A Nutshell

The SIF Regime - Update January 2019

AIFMD Report – A First Step Towards AIFMD 2

The RAIF Regime - Update January 2019

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