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Mis à jour le 22 mars 2019


Corporate Tax Reform 2019 – Part II

Do Verbal Confirmations Have Any Binding Effect On The Tax Authorities? A Recent Judgement Provides The Answer

Ryanair Case: Recognition Of A Deduction Right On VAT Incurred By A Holding Company On Broken-Deal Costs

2019 Tax Forecasts

In 2019, What Incentives Are There For Greener Transport In Luxembourg?

CJEU Decides In Danish Cases Relating To Beneficial Ownership

France Ratifies The New DTT With Luxembourg

VAT Circular On Transactions Between Related Parties

New Court Decision Shows Importance Of Updated Transfer Pricing Documentation

Luxembourg Ratifies The MLI

New Rules Regarding The VAT Taxable Basis Of Transactions Between Related Parties

New, Ethical Luxembourg–Senegal Double Tax Treaty Means Opportunity

VAT Circular On Transactions Between Related Parties

Luxembourg Warrant Plan Regime Amended

Luxembourg Tax Authorities Release New Guidelines For Intra-Group Financing Activities

Political Agreement Reached On EU Proposal Setting New Transparency Rules For Intermediaries

Would The Digital Services Tax Do More Harm Than Good?

New France-Luxembourg Double Tax Treaty

Luxembourg Implements The Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD)

Luxembourg Parliament Adopts The Law Implementing ATAD

The Luxembourg VAT Group Is Coming

Change To The Tax Treatment Of US Branch Structures Under US-Luxembourg Tax Treaty

Post-Truth In Tax Matters: Considerations Regarding A Recent Eurodad Report

Tax Treaty News - December 2018

State Aid: No Selective Tax Treatment To McDonald's

VAT: New Regulation On Administrative Cooperation

The Misuse Of EU Rules In The Name Of Tax Justice: Comparing Apples To Burgers

Transfer Pricing Documentation In Luxembourg – What's Your Strategy?

ATOZ Insights - December 2016

ATOZ Tax Alert - Luxembourg And France Launch The Ratification Procedure Of Their New Tax Treaty – Will The New Treaty Become Applicable As From 2019?

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