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Mis à jour le 30 novembre 2018


CJEU: Open Door For VAT Recovery On Transaction Costs In Case Of Share Disposal

Common Questions About The Impatriate Tax Regime, Answered

Bill Of Law 7333 On The Multilateral Instrument

Alta Energy Luxembourg - Tax Court (Again) Affirms Taxpayer's Right To Access Treaty Benefits

Tax Treatment Of Virtual Currencies

VAT Group Regime Available In Luxembourg

IFRIC 23 To Clarify Grey Areas In Income Tax

Bill Of Law No. 7333 On The Multilateral Instrument

VAT Group Legislation Voted

The OECD Releases The Base Erosion And Profit Shifting (BEPS) Public Discussion Draft On BEPS Actions 8-10: Financial Transactions

Implementation Of Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD 1)

CRS Reporting – New List Of Reportable Jurisdictions For The Reporting Year 2017

New Bills On ATAD Implementation And MLI Approval

Deduction Of Input VAT On Abort Costs

Introduction Of The Luxembourg VAT Group Regime (Bill Of Law N°7 278)

New Luxembourg IP Box Regime Adopted

Tax In A Digital Economy: Giving Shape To The Invisible

Key Changes For 2018

New Circulars Summary: January And February 2018

Luxembourg's New, Emissions-Based Company Car Tax

IFRS Issuers With Operations In The US: Have You Revised Your Estimates?

Updated Rules On Tax Residence Certificates For UCIs, Now Including RAIFs

Which Business Model Will Enable A Circular Economy?

Coming Soon… US Tax Reform And Its Impact On Multinational Business

Circular L.G. – A. No. 61 Of 8 December 2017 : Updated Rules On The Issuing Of Tax Residence Certificates For UCIs, Now Including RAIFs

New Circular Letter On Stock Option Plans

Remaining Simple And BEPS-Compliant: The 'Land-Rich Company' Clause

The Substance Question: Investing In Germany From Luxembourg

Special Limited Partnership | SLP (Video)

Tax Changes For 2018 Disclosed In The New Budget Bill

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