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Mis à jour le 19 octobre 2018


Confirmation Of The End Of The VAT Exemption Regime For Financial IGPS

How Blockchain Could Help Fight—Or Even End—VAT Fraud

Last Call For Tax Amnesty Regularisations!

Five Myths About The 183-Day Rule


VAT: Judgement On Luxembourg Independent Group Of Persons regime

Beneficial Ownership And The Principal Purpose Test In Luxembourg

Luxemburg Holdings: v The Minimum Taxation And The Taxation On The Net Wealth (Video)

Circular Economy Calls For New Tax Thinking

BEPS Tackling Tax Avoidance Strategies

Oiling The Right Places In The Fund Machine

Transfer Pricing in Luxembourg

What Does Substance Really Mean For Alternative Investments?

Signature Of The Multilateral Instrument – Reservations Made By Luxembourg

Transfer Pricing In A Post BEPS World, With Alain Goebel At AFLF 2017 (Video)

Soparfi : The Luxembourg Holding And Finance Company - Update May 2017

Tax Facts About Luxembourg From A Recent Arrival (Video)

Transfer Pricing - Is Your Pricing Still Arm's Length? (Video)

It's Time For BEPS, Are You Ready? (Video)

Ratification Of The Luxembourg - Ukraine Double Tax Treaty And Its Protocol

BEPS: Luxembourg Law Of 23 December 2016

Multilateral Convention: BEPS Implementation

Anti-Tax Avoidance: ATAD II

Publication Of Circular 17/650 Extending The Application Of AML/CTF Legislation To Certain Primary Tax Offences

Luxembourg's New Transfer Pricing Rules: Some Compliance Required!

New Circular On Intra-Group Financing Activities

Goodbye, Annual Tax Returns… Hello, Blockchain

The State Of Tax Transparency In The EU And Luxembourg

Adoption Of The Luxembourg 2017 Tax Reform

Deadlines And Credits: Four Tax Tips To Check Out Before 2017

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