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Updated at March 31, 2020

Table of Contents

Corporate/Commercial Law

Article 63 And Withholding Tax On Foreign Funds: Another Step On The Road To Refund

The Role Of Independent Directors In Corporate Governance (Video)

Arendt Case Review #8 - February 2020

Are Administrative Fines Insurable In Luxembourg?

How Can Board Members And Executives Mitigate Risks?

The LuxSe Updates Its Rules & Regulations

Luxembourg Update: CSSF Provides Clarification On UBO Identification And Verification

Law Of 10 August 1915 On Commercial Companies (In Force As At 1st January 2020)

2020 Dutch Budget Adopted - Increased Substance Requirements For Dutch Resident Service Companies As From 2021

LuxSE PLUS: New Document Hyperlinking Service Under Prospectus Regulation

Luxembourg And BRIC – A Business Link Made In Heaven

Arendt Case Review #7 - November 2019 - Arendt Litigation Group

Why Luxembourg Is The Place To Be For Space Business (Video)

Take The Test! IFRS 9 Implementation By Credit Institutions – The CSSF's Angle!

IFRS 15: Corporate Issuers Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

Business Intelligence Today For A Successful Tomorrow

Private Equity 2019: Luxembourg

The Zombie Effect…In Luxembourg & Beyond

Directorship In Luxembourg: Do You Have The Right Expertise On Board?

Extended Deadline For RBO Declarations

Law Of 10 August 1915 On Commercial Companies (In Force As At 1st October 2019)

ESG: How Can Clients Avoid 'Greenwashing'?

Luxembourg To Create New Regime For Dormant Bank Accounts And Unclaimed Insurance Contracts

Good Times Or Bad Times Ahead For Private Equity?

Alta Energy Luxembourg S.A.R.L. V. The Queen

Amendment Of The Law Of 24 May 2011 On The Exercise Of Certain Rights Of Shareholders At General Meetings Of Listed Companies

Law Of 10 August 1915 On Commercial Companies (In Force As At 24 August 2019)

Implementation Of The New Prospectus Regime In Luxembourg

Deadline For RBO Declarations Extended Until 30 November 2019

Luxembourg Register Of Beneficial Owners – Deadline Extended!

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