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Mis à jour le 12 octobre 2018

Corporate/Commercial Law

New Regime For The Commercial Lease In Luxembourg

New Law On Commercial Leases

Luxembourg Real Estate – Legal Developments On Commercial Leases

Reorganised Luxembourg Law On Commercial Companies Comes Into Force

Governance Rises In Importance, Again, For Family Businesses

CSSF Releases Its Enforcement Priorities

Correlation Table Of The Amended Law Of 10 August 1915 On Commercial Companies

Luxembourg Transparency Registers: Soon A Reality!

Soparfi : The Luxembourg Holding And Finance Company - Update December 2017

Mergers And Acquisitions 2017

Société D'Investissement En Capital À Risque

SOPARFI Holding Company

Incorporation And Domiciliation Services

SCSp Special Limited Partnership

Intellectual Property Joint Ventures – Can Rivals Turn Into Valued Partners?

Branch In Luxembourg (Video)

Mergers And Acquisitions | (M&A) (Video)

Undertakings For Collective Investment In Transferable Securities - Update September 2017

Potential Consequences Of Brexit For The Luxembourgish Fund Industry

ICLG 4th Edition - Corporate Immigration 2017

The Private Equity Hub That Asset Managers Deserve

Luxembourg Holdings: III Can A Soparfi Still Be domiciled Nowadays? (Video)

What Can We Learn From The Actual European Crowdfunding Market?

Luxembourg Law On The Exploration And Use Of Space Resources Entered Into Force

Luxembourg Holdings: IV The Success Of The Limited Liability Company (Video)

Luxembourg Life Insurance Contract

Luxembourg Holdings: III Can A Soparfi Stil Be Domiciled Nowadays ? (Video)

SPF - Family Wealth Management Company

Luxembourg Commercial Company

Becoming An Entrepreneur: Exploring The Start -Up Business Idea In Luxembourg

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