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Updated at January 14, 2020

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Anti-trust/Competition Law

The Slovenian Administrative Court Upholds The Findings Of The Competition Authority

Do Companies Have The Right To Be Heard During A Dawn Raid?

Proposed New Rules Relating To Actions For Damages For Breach Of Competition Rules In Slovenia

The Competition Protection Agency's Fining Policy As A Black Box

New Competition Protection Agency Sets Out Enforcement Priorities

Employment and HR

Minimum Wage Increased

A New Collective Agreement For Slovenia's Trade Sector: Does It Apply To You (Yet)?

Changes In Slovenian Labour Law

New Employment Legislation Brings Simplifications For Foreigners

New Employment Relationship Act

nti-trust/Competition Law

Competition Protection Agency Adopts Commitments For Renault

Dawn Raids - How Far Does An Undertaking's Duty To Cooperate Go?

Constitutional Court Ruling On Lawfulness Of Anti-Trust Inspections


IPPC Baseline Reporting To Become Serious Very Soon

orporate/Commercial Law

Amendments To Competition Act On Horizon

The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Merger Control 2015 - Slovenia


Slovenia Becomes Next Country To Introduce Restrictions On Trans-Fatty Acids In Foodstuffs

Changes to Food Legislation - Part II

Changes To Food Legislation - Part I


Slovenia Adopts New State Aid Legislation

Slovenia Amends Its Insolvency Act


Class Actions – Who Wants To Go First?

Revised Slovenian Civil Procedure - A Step Closer To Faster Dispute Resolution?


Slovenian Lawmakers Vote to Liberalise Sports Betting Market

inance and Banking

Commission To Investigate In-Depth The New Commitments Proposed By Slovenia For Nova Ljubljanska Banka D.D.

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