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Updated at August 26, 2019

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Employment and HR

Managing Workplace Injuries And Fatalities In Qatar And The UAE: What Do Employers Need To Know?

Managing Working Practices During Ramadan And Eid In Qatar

Termination Of Employment And End Of Service Benefit In Qatar – A Summary

All Fun And Games – Qatar National Sports Day

The Qatar Labour Law And The QFC Employment Regulations: The Key Differences Explained

A New Rule About Salary Payments

Introduction Of The Wage Protection System In Qatar

Qatar Labour Law: Amendment To Article 66

Changes To The Labour Law Affect The Payment Of Salaries In Qatar

Employment 'At A Glance' Guide - Qatar

The New National Health Insurance Scheme

A Right Of Entry? A Right To Work? A Right To Reside? A Right Of Exit?


Migrant Welfare Protection

New Qatar PPP Law Expected To Accelerate Infrastructure Development In Qatar

New Tenders Law To Come Into Effect In Qatar

Introduction To Public Private Partnerships With A Focus On Qatar

Focus On Rail: Part 1 - Region Benefitting From Infrastructure Development

Qatar, A Country - Transforming Construction, Infrastructure And The Legal Climate Of Qatar

Consumer Protection

Qatar Issues New Resolution Relating To The Provision Of Educational Services

New Private Schools Law - Qatar

A Summary Of UKTI’s Recent Webinar On The Qatar Education Sector


Moving Abroad For Work – Top Immigration Tips From A New Expat

Foreign National Engineers Must Register (Video)

An Update On Qatar Immigration Process

Entry, Work, Residence And Exit

Proposed Amendments To The QFC Immigration Regulations

Qatar's New Immigration Law


Data Protection Compliance In The MENA Healthcare Sector

Promoting Life Sciences In Qatar

Qatar Healthcare System

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