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Updated at October 07, 2019

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property

Copyright In The National Anthem

Dangers Of Using Unregistered Trademarks And Benefits Of Registration

Trademark Registration In Uganda

Opposition To The Registration Of A Trademark In Uganda

Industrial Property Bill Signed Into Law On January 06, 2014

Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance Adds Member In Uganda


Exempt Or Zero-Rated? Making The Difference Real

When 'No Payment' Is 'Payment'

Employees Can Enjoy Withholding Tax Refunds

Don't Force A Loss

Tax And Legal At The Heart Of Business Sustainability

Taxing Moonlighters And Freelancers

Tax Reforms To Protect Investors Within East Africa

Don't Make Up Losses To Avoid Tax

When Can Domestic Laws Override Tax Treaties?

Uganda Tax System In A Nutshell

Finance and Banking

The Big Deal About The Big Debt

Restriction On Mortgage Of Land Leased To Investors By Government

New Islamic Banking Regulations To Increase Financial Inclusion In Uganda

Is Uganda Ready For REITs?

Uganda Insurance Regulatory Authority Clarifies New Bancassurance Guidelines

Uganda Goes Down The PPP Route


Uganda Passes New Investment Code

Quick Guide To Establishing And Doing Business In Uganda

What You Should Know About Investing And Investment Licences In Uganda

Corporate/Commercial Law

Commercial Law In Uganda

Stifling Uganda's Secondary Bond Market: The Case Of David Chandi Jamwa

What Does The Administration Of Uganda Telecom Limited Mean For Creditors And Other Stakeholders?

Quick Guide To Establishing And Operating A Foreign Not For Profit Organisation (NGO) In Uganda

Real Estate and Construction

What Are The Implications Of Uganda's New Landlord And Tenant Bill ?

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