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Updated at March 21, 2019

Table of Contents

Corporate/Commercial Law

Ensuring Business-Friendly Conditions: Uzbekistan Aims To Enhance Its Position In The 'Doing Business Report'

Uzbekistan Improves The Legal Protection Of Creditors

Getting The Deal Through – Merger Control 2015: Uzbekistan

Finance and Banking

Important Aspects Of Project Finance In Uzbekistan

Government Incentives For Tourism Sector Investment

Loans & Secured Financing

Liberalization Of Forex Policy

New Forex Regulation In Uzbekistan

Liberalization Of Forex Control In Uzbekistan

Getting The Deal Through – Islamic Finance & Markets 2015: Uzbekistan

Energy and Natural Resources

Major Reforms In The Energy Sector In Uzbekistan

Changes In The Subsoil Licensing In Uzbekistan

Mining Industry Of Uzbekistan


Arbitration In Uzbekistan: Key Things To Know

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Uzbekistan

Intellectual Property

Main Means To Protect Trademarks In Uzbekistan In A Nutshell

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures In Uzbekistan In The Absence Of Customs Recordation: Recommendations To Brand Owners

Real Estate and Construction

Rights Of Foreign Citizens To Purchase Residential Property

New Approach To Construction In Uzbekistan

Brand New Ministry Of Construction In Uzbekistan

Construction Guide

Corporate/Commercial Law

Franchise Agreements In Uzbekistan: A Brief Overview

President Transforms The Chamber Of Commerce

Changes To Legislation Passed By Senate

Permanent Establishments: Key Features And Taxation

Corporate Structure In LLC

Company Registration Procedures In Uzbekistan

International Comparative Legal Guide To: Mergers & Acquisitions 2016

Overview - New In Legislation

Tax Incentives For Foreign Investments In Uzbekistan

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