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Updated at December 06, 2019

Table of Contents

International Law

BIS Issues New Restrictions On Exports And Re-Exports To Cuba

Cuba Update: Helms Burton Title III Activated

Helms-Burton Poses Litigation Risk For Canadian Businesses With Ties To Cuba

Effectiveness Of Licensing Procedures For Agricultural Commodities To Cuba

Treasury, State And Commerce Implement Regulations Pursuant To The Trump Administration's Cuba Policy

Retrenchment On Cuban Sanctions; The Search For A Middle Ground

Fine To Stormy

Beyond Rum And Cigars: Further Easing Of Sanctions Paves Way For Increased Business Opportunities In Cuba

Obama Administration Promotes Expanded Opportunities With Cuba

International Financial Centres Will Facilitate The Opening Up Of Cuba

Hotels And Hospitality In Cuba: OFAC And Obama Paving The Way

Investing In Cuba: Five Things To Know

A Complete Guide To Investing In Cuba

The FCPA Challenges Of Doing Business In Cuba

Easing The Cuban Embargo: Automotive Industry Unlikely To Realize Any Immediate Benefit

A New Latitude: Charting A Course For Cuba

White House To Ease Cuba Embargo: Historic Announcement May Open New Opportunities For U.S. And Multinational Corporations

Can Individuals In The United States Invest In Cuba Today?

The Impact Of The Cuban Foreign Investment Act Of 2014 On Foreign Real Estate Investments

What The New Cuban Foreign Investment Law Means

Energy and Natural Resources

Cuba Sets Renewable Energy Goals

The Current State Of Cuba's Offshore Oil Development

Intellectual Property

Electronic Filing Of International Patent Applications Available

Top Ten Reasons For U.S. Companies To Protect Brands In Cuba Now: Part II

Top Ten Reasons For U.S. Companies To Protect Brands In Cuba Now: Part I

Intellectual Property And Cuba

Trademarks In Cuba And The Cohiba And Havana Club Wars

Finance and Banking

Smoke On The Horizon: Investment Into Cuba


Trump Administration Considering Allowing Lawsuits For Seized Assets In Cuba

Cuba, Post-Castro: What Happens Now?

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