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Nbr. 444, August 2017

De beers increases production in South Africa.

Ethiopia maintains tax hikes despite Oromia backlash.

Google to teach 10m Africans computer skills.

Osinbajo inaugurates fertilizer plant in Port Harcourt.

Presidential power threatened by Nigerian lawmakers.

Shaky Libyan ceasefire agreement in Paris.


Alibaba CEO sets up $10m youth entrepreneur fund.

Cameroon's national airline given breath of life.

Congo moves to liberalise insurance market.

Ethiopia-Djibouti electric rail starts operation in October 2017.

Namibia relaxes poultry import ban from South Africa.

Nigeria increases rice production.

Asia-Africa: it's not just about China.

ASIA-AFRICA - Cover story

Asia-Africa investment: a snapshot of China, India and Japan.

INFOGRAPHIC - Cover story

Abe and Modi eye African cooperation: a scheme unveiled by Japan and India could herald a new era of engagement with Africa.

ASIA-AFRICA - Cover story

Demystifying the dragon in Africa.

ASIA-AFRICA - Cover story

Singapore-Africa: steady progress.


Doing business in Africa, the Olam way.


Singapore--Africa: changing perceptions.


Uber's ambition is to be everywhere: Other companies may be seeking to challenge its domination of the market, but Uber's GM for sub-Saharan Africa is confident of his company's future.

INTERVIEW: Alon Lits, GM, sub-Saharan Africa, Uber

ANC policy flounders as party divisions widen: conflict between the Zuma and Ramaphosa factions is turning ANC policy into a political football.


Beware Africa's grey rhinos: political and business leaders are not paying enough heed to youth unemployment and climate change.


Ethiopian Airlines on the up: at a time when the African aviation industry is performing poorly, Ethiopia's national carrier is recording record profits and expanding its fleet.


Investors wary amid Nigeria uncertainty: Nigeria's vice-president is receiving praise for his economic management during President Buhari's medical absence, but what lies ahead?


More than business hotels, your lifestyle.


Investing in Mauritius engine of growth: with its stable social and political environment, strong institutions, robust financial services sector, sound macroeconomic policies and general openness to business, Mauritius looks set to remain among the world's top destinations for investment.


Turkish Airlines sees strong growth in region: Fatih Mehmet Kursun, General Manager of Turkish Airlines for Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles, talks about the development of his company's services to the region and his vision for the future.


Mauritius Commercial Bank: positioned for the long term: Mauritius Commercial Bank's new CEO speaks to African Business about the bank's key areas for medium-term growth and its vision for the longer term.

Interview: Alain Law Min, CEO, Mauritius Commercial Bank - Interview

Putting the business into African agriculture: Africa has the potential to become the new global breadbasket but this will require a revolution in agribusiness.


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