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Nbr. 444, August 2017

Dangote turns to Nigerian agriculture.


A tale of two nuts: cashew shelling faces problems in Kenya but South Africa is having success with macademia processing.


Massive investments into agriculture and oil processing on the way: Devakumar Edwin, Group Executive Director of Dangote Industries Ltd, outlines the Nigerian giant conglomerate's plans to expand into oil refining as well as large-scale agro processing.

Interview: Dangote Group's Devakumar Edwin - Interview

Focus on Africa: bringing a new deal to the continent: Sackett-Waconia, USA and Bagtech International, South Africa have reached an agreement to be partners on the African Continent to offer a wide range of products and services for Fertilizer industry.


The benefits of developing Africa's smallholder sector: the green revolution was a game-changer for Asian economies and there is great potential to improve the lot of African smallholders by bringing Asian experience to bear.


Opportunities abound in off-grid appliances market: until recently, off-grid solutions have focused on supplying consumers' basic needs, but a vast range of new possibilities is opening up.


Magufuli's high-stakes gamble: the president of Tanzania's ban on mining exports can be seen as an attempt to ensure the country gets a good deal from its natural resources, but it is alienating some investors.


Malawi's drone corridor challenges skepticism towards UAVs: stringent regulations restrict the use of drones in many parts of Africa, but a new scheme demonstrates their potential for humanitarian work.


Egyptians feel the brunt of austerity drive: lenders and investors have welcomed the Egyptian government's cutting of subsidies, but many ordinary Egyptians are feeling the pinch.


Entrepreneurship is no substitute for development: despite the buzz, Africa is the world's most difficult environment for startups.

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