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Organization of American States
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Vol. 64 Nbr. 3, May 2012


Organization of American States - Editorial

Colombian heritage.

UPFRONT - Letter to the editor

Covering OAS activities.

UPFRONT - Letter to the editor

More US in Americas.

UPFRONT - Letter to the editor



Minga the Communal Work Tradition of Bolivia.


Access to Food: Identifying issues and developing solutions for food security in the Americas.


Food security: a priority for the Inter-American social protection network.

Food Security: A Challenge for the Americas.


Contemporary Art Behind Bars: The emblematic Miguelete Jail in Montevideo, Uruguay, is a venue where a past of imprisonment merges with art of the present, creating new forms of expression.

Preserving the Language of Aloha.


Brimstone Hill Fortress: Gibraltar of the Caribbean: This Bastion on St. Kitts and Nevis was created against a backdrop of empire-building, slavery, an immensely profitable sugarcane industry, and the American War of Independence.

Ilha Grande: With its well-preserved Atlantic rainforest and unspoiled beaches, this tropical paradise off the coast of Brazil is a hot spot for biodiversity and conservation, as well as an exemplary model of responsible tourism.

Travel narrative

Celebrations that resound throughout the hemisphere.

Inter-American Year of Culture: "Our Cultures, Our Future"

Delmas 32: united and making a comeback: more than two years after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti's capital, one of the most affected areas shows clear signs of recovery and renewal.

Roberto Sierra: Musical Visionary of the Caribbean: the colorful and rythmic music of this classical composer draw heavily on his Puerto Rican heritage.

Through the Eyes of Rey Rosa: Considered one of the best Central American writers and master of enigmatic and precise prose, Rodrigo Rey Rosa captivates readers with his acute vision of everyday life and violence, while skillfully portraying the real ity of his native Guatemala.

Biography - Essay

The Great Tablecloth.


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