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Ancilla Iuris
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Núm. 2014, Enero 2014


Of Judges and Jurisdictions - An Overture to Comparative Legal Reasoning in National Case Law

The Sign as Form and the Form of the Law Sign - Das Zeichen als Form und die Form des Rechtszeichens

Luhmann’s concept of the „sign as form“ is discussed in the broader context of Peirce and Serres’ concepts of formation, with an inheritance in the foreground. The assertion is: bifurcation as a result amputates the fundamental operation of form-building by excluding the operator. The operator is the interpretant, who Luhmann subsequently re-introduces as an observer (at a different level). But the interpretant does not permit itself to be excluded; it is always present – as a parasite (Serre...

The Autopoietic Turn in Habermas' Legal Philosophy

Since the publication of Between Facts and Norms, it appears to have gone largely unremarked by critical theorists that Habermas has wholly abandoned the neo-Parsonian systems-theoretic account of social systems developed in his middle period. In this paper, I argue not only that Habermas has developed a new vocabulary and theoretical structure for dealing with social systems such as law, but also that this new approach to social systems is incompatible with the neo-Parsonianism of social sys...

Ethics and Human Rights - Ethik und Menschenrechte

Human rights protect essential elements and spheres of human existence that enable humans to survive and exist as humans. In this context, human rights can be viewed as having four dimensions: In addition to the legal, the political, and the historic dimension, human rights also have a moral dimension. From an ethical perspective, this raises two issues. The first concerns the relationship of human rights as a moral right compared to other moral rights. The second deals with the moral dimensi...

The Administration of Normality, German Law and German Society 1944?1952 - Die Verwaltung von Normalität, Deutsches Recht und deutsche Gesellschaft 1944?1952

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