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Carbon Tax

National OH&S laws bring tough new duties for 'officers' from 1 January 2012

Tightening the bond - Aged Care Amendment Bill 2011 (Cth) released

Natural disasters in 2011 put emergency response procedures to the test

OH&S harmonisation update

Levelling the not-for-profit playing field

NFP tax concessions reform - an opportunity to provide your view

Insolvent unit trusts in Australia

Intellectual Property

Landmark damages decision sets new benchmark for patent infringement claims against generic companies

Routine omnibus claims in patent applications – not routine anymore in the UK

The dangers of descriptive trade marks

Application to list on PBS does not constitute patent infringement per se

SAP wins UK licensing dispute: Strategies for managing licensing risks

Fake News Alert! Economists trump patent attorneys in innovation policy reform!

Insight Radiology v Insight Clinical Imaging: trade mark infringement

Calling all stations: why a carefully planned trade mark strategy matters

The importance of Swiss-style claims in Australian pharmaceutical patents

Does the act of applying for PBS listing constitute an ‘offer to supply' a pharmaceutical product?

Federal Court decision provides guidance on several useful aspects for practitioners regarding trademark registration

Federal Court of Australia confirms that offers made during patent term to supply after patent expiry constitute infringement

Punitive damages for design infringement in burqini™ swimwear battle but no ordinary damages

Decision that there's no copyright in digital data signals stands, following High Court rebuff

Best Patent Cases 2016 Australia

The European Patent Office extends its reach eastward

Playgro Pty Ltd v Playgo Art & Craft Manufactory Limited (2016) 335 ALR 144; (2016) 117 IPR 489; [2016] FCA 280

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Eersel BV v Trojan Trading Company Pty Ltd (2016) 119 IPR 247; [2016] FCAFC 91

Dick Smith Investments Pty Ltd v Ramsey [2016] FCA 939

Crocodile International Pte Limited v Lacoste [2016] NZCA 111

Lodestar Anstalt v Campari America LLC [2016] FCAFC 92

Tasman Insulation New Zealand Limited v Knauf Insulation Limited [2015] 3 NZLR 145; (2015) 116 IPR 352; [2015] NZCA 602

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