Law To Recover State Aid Granted To Multinationals Through Belgian 'Excess Profit' Tax Scheme Published

Skype Fined EUR 30,000 For Refusal To Cooperate With Data Protection Law Enforcement Authorities

Constitutional Court Declares Prior Recognition Requirement For Class Action Group Representatives Unlawful

Brussels Court Orders Facebook To Cease Registration Of Personal Data Of Non-Facebook Users

Constitutional Court Annuls The Belgian Data Retention Law

Belgian Data Protection Authority Sues Facebook Over Privacy Breaches

Law On Collective Redress Procedure Adopted

Belgium Strengthens Position On International Arbitration Stage

Belgium Adopts New Arbitration Law Based On UNCITRAL Model Law

Historically A Pioneer But Also A Free Rider In The International Arbitration Arena

Risk Reduction Recommendations for Existing Chemicals

Preparing for REACH: The Interim Strategy

New EU Legislation on Environmental Liability

Regional Legislation: The GBP/PRAS of 3 May 2001 in the Brussels Capital Region


EU Data Protection Requirements: An Overview for Employers

New EC Merger Control Rules in Place

Information Technology & Telecommunications

Google News Service Infringes On Newspaper Publishers' Copyright

Impact of the 'Brussels I' Regulation on E-commerce

Banking and Financial

Use Of Material Adverse Change Clauses In Belgium

Dealing With Mergers - New European Commission Guidelines On Jurisdiction And Remedies

The New Commitments Procedure: Compliance without Accepting Guilt

New Legislation: A 'New Building' for VAT Purposes

New Legislation : A New Interest Rate in Case of Late Payment in Commercial Transactions

European Commission Proposes New Rules For Motor Vehicle Distribution

Environmental & Energy

ECJ Prolongs Market Access For 'Free Riders'

New European Parliament Activities on Environment

Corporate/ Company Law

The ECJ's Ruling on Bayer/Adalat

The European Commission Publishes its Action Plan on Modernizing European Company Law & Enhancing Corporate Governance in Response to Enron, Ahold, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Intellectual Property

Clarifications On Use Of Trademark As Domain Name By A Third Party

Repute Of Mcdonald's Sufficient To Prevent Registration Of MAC-Food/Beverages Trade Marks

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