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'Crowdsourcing': When The Crowd Is Part Of The Solution

Brazil Increases Again The IOF Rate

Banking and Financial

The Exchange Traded Funds In Brazil

The Position Of The Brazilian Regulator Vis-À-Vis The “Poison Pills”

Brazil Requires Divestiture In Coca-Cola's Iced Tea Acquisition

1st Wind Energy Auction - Brazil

Private Equity And Real Estate Investment

The Corporate Real Estate Market

Reinsurance Rules In Brazil – New Opportunities For Foreign Investors

Real Estate Acquisition In Brazil - A Brief Summary

CVM Changes Investment Fund Regulations

CVM Issues New Rules On Coercive Fines

New Export Devices In Brazil

Foreign Investment In Brazil Via FIP

Public Private Partnerships In Brazil - The First Experiences*

Check List for the Antitrust Compliance Program

The New Brazilian Public Private Partnership Law *

The Brazilian Public-Private Partnership Program

New Regulation of Investment Funds in Brazil

Export Finance Program - PROEX

Brazilian Companies Can Now Issue Real-Denominated Securities for Placement in the International Market

Hybrid Fund May Attract US$ 500 Mil Worth Investments To Brazil

New Rules On Information Reporting For Investment Funds In Brazil

Court Precedent Confirms That Brazilian Credit Card Management Companies Are Allowed To Charge Up To 12% Delinquent Interest A Year

Commodities Brokerage Houses In Brazil

Option Negotiations By Publicly-Held Companies

The Controversy on Regulatory Agencies and the New Government

Interest Rate Applicable To Intercompany Loans In Light Of The New Brazilian Civil Code

Limited Liability Companies And The New Brazilian Civil Code

Electronic Contracts and the New Civil Code

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