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Updated at November 17, 2017

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Widening The Net of Federal Government Liability: Canada (A.G.) v. TeleZone Inc.

Litigation As A Commercial Activity?

OSC Concerned Over Sale Of Exempt Securities To Non-Accredited Investors

A Masterpiece For Brand Owners — The Supreme Court of Canada Makes It Easier To Enforce Your Trade-Mark!

TSX Proposes Rules To Facilitate Trading Of Securities Listed On Other Recognized Exchanges

CSA Provide Update On Modernization Of Publicly Offered Investment Funds Regulation

Federal Court Of Appeal Affirms Sanctions Under Investment Canada Act

CDS Proposes Amendments To Require Uncertificated Withdrawal Of Securities

Antle and Garron - The Federal Court Of Appeal - Focus On The Fundamentals

Getting Past The Doha Round Crisis: Moving Forward In The WTO

How Reliable Are Odour Units?

Tax Season — More Than Just A Filing Process - Opportunities To Enhance Your Corporate Structure

Competition Bureau Sues Toronto Real Estate Board For Restricting Innovation In Real Estate Brokerage Services

Brownfield Regulation Amended

U.S. Relaxes Security Rules On Dual-Nationals But Risks Remain

.XXX Domain Names: Rollout Starts In September 2011

Employer Denied Second Chance To Challenge Superintendent's Direction

CRTC Puts 'Over-The-Top' Programming Under The Microscope

New Ministers For Investment Canada

Continued Challenges With Respect To The Scope Of The Duty To Consult And Accommodate First Nations

Where FSCO Provides A Form Of Waiver, Use That Form, Says Ontario Court Of Appeal

Supreme Court of Canada Overturns Lower Court Decisions In Masterpiece v. Alavida Lifestyles

Ontario Brownfields Reforms Take Effect July 1, 2011

2012 Copyright Tariff Report Vol.3 - AVLA/SOPROQ, ACTRA PRS/MROC, And ArtistI File Tariff Proposals With The Copyright Board Of Canada

CSA Release Environmental Reporting Guidance

Significant Developments in Canadian Energy - September 2010

Do Not Ask For Whom The Bell Tolls

Same Policy, Same Insured, Different Coverage: BC Court Of Appeal Takes One Step Forward And Two Steps Back In Progressive Homes

Time to Restructure: Canadian ULC Structures Adversely Affected By Amended Canada-US Tax Treaty

Dealing With Outsourcing Supplier Instability

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