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Actualizado a 15 de Noviembre de 2017


Private Restructuring: An Alternative for Creditors and Debtors

Merger And Split-Off Of Companies Subject To Liquidation Procedures

Purchase Option Under Financial Leases And Insolvency Proceedings (Law 550 Of 1999)

Privatisation of Bancafé

Corporate/ Company Law

Concession Contracts Under The New Code Of Mines

Reversion Under The New Code Of Mines

The Constitutional Court Upheld The Restrictions For Mobile Telephone And Trunking Services Operators To Participate In The Bidding Process For The Concession Of PCS And In The Rendering Of Said Services

Project Of Law Prepared By The Colombian Government Due To The Judgement From The Constitutional Court Declaring Law 619 Of 2000, Related With Royalties, Unconstitutional.

Why Should We Be Worried About The New Top-Level Domain .Biz And .Info?

Opinion From The Superintendency Of Companies In Connection With Certain Matters Included In Companies' Bylaws Or Shareholder Agreements Related With Compulsory Sales Of Shares Or Dilution Practices

Concession For The Rendering Of Personal Communications Services In Colombia

Green Markets

Update on the Oil and Gas Sector


Supreme Court Rules On Right To Be Forgotten

National Government Moves In Favor Of Child Welfare

Superintendency Of Ports And Transportation Establishes The Rate To Be Paid As Surveillance Fees For Year 2001

Anti-trust/ Competition Law

Understanding The Scope Of The Superintendence Of Industry And Commerce Regarding Actions That Affect Free Competition

Two Recent Antitrust Decisions: The Beer Manufacturers Case and the Airlines Case

Banking and Financial

The Andean Trade Preferences Act Has Been Renewed For Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador And Peru

The Colombian Council of State Issues its First Legal Opinion on Domain Names

WIPO Copyright Treaty

Legal Gossip

Opinion from the Colombian Tax and Customs Authorities related with the Re-export and Re-import of Aircraft for Repair or Maintenance Purposes

Administrative High Court Decision Ratified The Jurisdiction Of The Colombian Air Authority To Fix Travel Agencies' Commissions

Special Economic Zones for Exports in Colombia (Law 677 of 2001)

ICAO Certified The Surveillance And Control Capacity Of The Colombian Air Authority

Amendment To Exchange Regime Applicable To The Hydrocarbons Sector

Legal Gossip

Intellectual Property

Superintendency Of Industry And Commerce Establishes Requirements For Transforming The Protection Of An International Trademark Registration Into A National Application

Patent Prosecution Highway Agreements (PPH) In Colombia

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