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Vol. 46 Nbr. 3, March 2009

Is the Internet broken?


Phishing for Twitter security.

Social Networks

Secure e-mail.

SHORT TAKES - University of Rochester (N,Y. - Brief article

Wireless football.

SHORT TAKES - InterReach Fusion - Brief article



Green IT for Dummies.

PUBLICATIONS - Book review - Brief review

SMBs weigh security purchases.

Security - Small and medium sized companies - Brief article

The rising cost of telecom.

Voice Networks - Brief article

Three steps to peak performance: keep the network running with careful monitoring and planning for future capacity.

Beyond Testing

Make the call: a credit union and a software firm each take different approaches for their new IP communications networks.

Mitel - Union Square Federal Credit Union - Cover story

Hand-held VoIP tester.

Telephony products - Voice over internet protocol - Brief article

Hybrid cordless phone.

Telephony products - TalkSwitch Inc. - Brief article

Multimedia IP phone.

Telephony products - Internet protocol - Open Peak - Brief article

Office in a box.

Telephony products - Sutus - Brief article

Rugged cell phone.

Telephony products - Motorola Tundra - Brief article

Telecom expense management.

Telephony products - Brief article

University brings cellular indoors: coverage solution delivers wireless inside its facilities and will scale easily.

Wireless - Ave Maria University

Media converters bridge the gap: combined with fiber-optic cabling, devices help solve legacy issues in industrial environments.

Cabling Infrastructure

VPN delivers the goods: solution ensures seamless failover in the event of Internet access outages or lost connections.

Network Security - Virtual private networks

Assess APPS in use.

Network Security - Analytical photogrammetric positioning system

Energy savings MAID to order: intelligent power management can ensure performance and reduce electicity use.

Business Continuity

Desktop NAS.

STORAGE PRODUCTS - Network-Attached Storage - Brief article

Dual disk USB storage.

STORAGE PRODUCTS - Brief article

Fireproof hard drive.

STORAGE PRODUCTS - IoSafe's ioSafe Solo - Brief article

RAID system.

STORAGE PRODUCTS - Redundant array of independent disks - Brief article

Access point.

General Products - Aironet 1140 Series Access Point - Brief article

Hand-held Wi-Fi optimizer.

General Products - BEETLE-B/A/N/G - Brief article

Laptop KVM switch.

General Products - CS661 Loptop USB KVM Switch - Brief article

Unified threat management.

General Products - SonicWALL TZ 210 - Brief article

Web security appliance.

General Products - S-Series Web security - Brief article

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