Competition Law and Regional Economic Integration. An Analysis of the Southern Mediterranean Countries

Damien Geradin - Professor of Law and Director of the Global Competion Law Centre , College of Europe, Bruges
World Bank, 2004
ISBN 0821358928

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Abbreviations And Acronyms

Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Objectives and Instruments of Competition Law. Chapter 3: Competition, Trade and Emerging Economies. Chapter 4: Competition Law and Infrastructure Industries. Chapter 5: Rules of Competition in the Association and Cooperation Agreements. Chapter 6: Competition Rules and the Accession Process. Chapter 7: Domestic Competition Regimes in the Mediterranean Partners. Chapter 8: Implementation and Enforcement of Domestic Competition Laws. Chapter 9: A Convergence of Domestic Competition ...


Objectives And Instruments Of Competition Law

Competition,Trade And Emerging Economies

Competition and Trade. Competition and Developing Economies. Boxes.

Competition Law And Infrastructure Industries

Rules Of Competition In The Association And Cooperation Agreements

Competition Rules in the Agreements Concluded with the Mediterranean Partners. The Competition Rules in the New Euromed Agreements. The Effectiveness of the Competition Rules of the Association Agreements. The Implementation by the Council of Association. The Degree of Protection Enjoyed by Individuals. The Way Ahead.

Competition Rules And The Accession Process

The Obligations Imposed to Candidate Countries in the Competition Field. The Mechanisms of Accompaniment and Evaluation in the Competition Law Field.

Domestic Competition Regimes In The Mediterranean Partners

State of Adoption of Domestic Competition Laws in the Mediterranean Partners. Content of Domestic Competition Laws. The candidate countries. The non-candidate countries. Israel. The Maghreb Countries. Jordan. Egypt. Lebanon. Boxes.

Implementation And Enforcement Of Domestic Competition Laws

Implementation and Enforcement in the Candidate Countries. Implementation and Enforcement in Israel. Implementation and Enforcement in the Maghreb Countries. Resource austerity. Inability to attract sufficient expertise. Weak professional associations and consumer groups. Deficient judicial systems. Inadequate powers. Strong opposition to reforms. Insufficient access to business data. Boxes.

A Convergence Of Domestic Competition Rules

What is Convergence?. Rationales for Convergence. The Need for Cost/Benefit Analysis. The Need for a Prudent Approach. The Need to Establish Priorities and Develop an Enforcement Agenda. Alternatives to Convergence Around EC Rules. Opportunity of Regulatory Convergence Around an ad hoc Model. Improbability of a Convergence Around an ad hoc Model. Boxes.

Summary And Policy Proposals


European Community/European Union Documents. European Competition Cases/Commission Decisions. 1. ECJ decisions. 2. CFI decisions. 3. Commission decisions. Informally Published Papers. Speeches.

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