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from January 2007
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American Council on Consumer Interests
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Year 2007

  • Nbr. 53, January 2007

Nbr. 53, January 2007

"Nearly 47 million Americans without health coverage: is incremental reform working?" 2007 ACCI Annual Conference Esther Peterson Consumer Policy Forum.

The contours of choice: the role of consumer information in social responsibility.

53rd American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) Conference: consumer movements across the Pacific 20 April 2007.

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Consumer Council - Speech

2007 Dissertation Award: a five-nation examination of financial risk tolerance.

A household production approach to overweight: a model and preliminary estimates.

Attribute framing in former price comparison advertisements (1).

Credit constraints: the effect of race/ethnic group.

Attitudes toward using credit for loss of income.

Unlocking the risk-based pricing puzzle: five keys to cutting credit card costs.

Economic and demographic differences in debt delinquent behavior.

No pain, no strain: impact of health on the financial security of older Americans.

Misperceived financial management assistance needs among the elderly.

Changes in stock ownership by race/Hispanic status, 1998-2004.

Are financial education programs meeting the needs of financially disadvantaged consumers?

Financial distress/financial well-being: do length of time spent in a debt management program and changes in debt burden and financial stressor events make a difference?

Financially distressed consumers' information search for retirement plans.

Racial/ethnic disparities in stock ownership: a decomposition analysis.

Examining a model of economic well-being based on financial ratios.

Regret to know? An investigation of the effect of reference prices on consumers' emotions.

For better or worse: financial decision-making behavior of married couples.

Financial wealth and the role of time preferences.

Brief article

An analysis of workforce housing in rural Georgia.

Changes in characteristics of adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers between 2001 and 2004.

Retirement savings and expenditure patterns of renters and homeowners: different resources or different views?

Major influencing factors in young adolescents' privacy concerns and their subsequent behaviors in the online environment.

Brief article

HOPE or no-HOPE: merit-based college scholarship status and financial behaviors among college students.

Helping Outstanding Students Educationally scholarship program

College students and credit card debt: means of attainment and spending behavior.

Brief article

The acculturation of Taiwanese exchange students in the United States.

Recent shifts in determinants of internet banking adopters: empirical evidence from 2001 and 2004 SCF.

Cash rewards effect on unplanned buying behaviors--watch your wallet carefully!

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