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from January 2007
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American Council on Consumer Interests
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Year 2007

  • Nbr. 53, January 2007

Nbr. 53, January 2007

Get financially fit: a financial education toolkit for college campuses.

Sensation-seeking and college students' credit card debt.

Meeting basic consumption needs: a joint examination of food and medical care.

Measuring the extent, depth, and severity of food insecurity: an application to American Indians in the United States.

Small steps to Health and Wealth[TM]: the total package.

eXtension: a high tech resource for improving financial security.

Financial Security for All Communities of Practice

Consumer expenditure survey data interactive workshop from collection to analysis: meeting the challenges of changing times.

Conference notes

How do single non-married women save for retirement?

Relationship between entrepreneurship and household wealth: does full-time, part-time entrepreneurship activity matter?

Brief article

Across the life-cycle: comparative analysis of the financial well-being of single women.

Brief article

Chinese urban regional differences in patterns of food consumption.

The levels of first mortgage and second mortgage debt among near-retirees.

An examination of customer retention behavior in debt management program.

Consumer debt types and debt payment behavior.

Brief article

Remittances and the economic well-being of Sudanese- and Vietnamese-Canadian refugees.

Factorial and discriminant analyses of the underlying factors that predict customer retention in the debt management plan.

How are asset holdings different between non-homeowners and homeowners among near-retirees?

Financial stress and job productivity: evidence from credit counseling clients.

Financial strains and depression among elderly women.

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