Table of Contents

Banking and Financial

Investment Companies And Investment Funds - Significant Amendments To Danish Tax Regime

Investment Funds - Proposed Amendment To Danish Tax Regime

New Guidelines on Employees' Use of E-mail and the Internet at the Workplace

Intellectual Property

New American Patent Act — Important Also For Danish Companies

Intellectual Property Law

The CJEU Enables Negative Term SPC

The CJEU On Supplementary Protection Certificates For Combination Products

What to do with the new Top Level Domains

Patent Databases - More Than A Stock Of Patents

New Amendments To The EPC

Changed Danish Attitude Towards The Grant Of SPC

Judgement on Domain Name

New Danish Act on Registered Designs

Labour & Employment

Non-Solicitation Clauses

Judgment Affects Status of Multinational Company Managers

Corporate/ Company Law

New Danish Rules on Digital Copying for Private Use

Company Law

Important Danish Tax And Company Law Changes


Tax Fraud Related To Reclaim Of Danish Withholding Tax

The Danish Tax Authorities Announce That Negative Interest Rates Are Interest For Tax Law Purposes

Exit Tax Rules For Companies To Be Amended

The Tax Disputes And Litigation Review - Danish Chapter

Danish Exit Tax Ruled Contrary To The Freedom Of Establishment

CJEU: Danish Exit Taxation Is Contrary To EU Law

Tax Amnesty - Deadline On 30 June 2013

Beneficial Ownership

Tax-Free Capital Gains From 1 January 2013

Last Chance For Tax-Exempt Distributions?

New Danish Anti-Avoidance Rules On Withholding Tax On Dividends

Danish Tax Amnesty Available Until 30 June 2013

Danish Tax Amnesty Available Until 30 June 2013

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