Digital Rights: Latin America and the Caribbean

Eduardo Magrani
FGV - Direito Rio, 2017
ISBN 978-85-63265-85-2

Índice da Obra



Privacy and data protection

Mapping the protection of privacy

Privacy and security, the Latin American way

Privacy and surveillance in Ecuador

The friction between transparency and personal data protection in Peru

Your fingerprint for a kilogram of flour: biometric and privacy in Venezuela

Private profiles in public places

Personal data, companies and the cloud: are we ready for it?

The dangerous ambiguity of communications encryption rules in Colombia

SECRET shakes up Guatemalan society

Freedom of expression

An opinion in favor of freedom of expression on the Internet

Freedom of expression violations on the online environment

Paraguay: democracy and freedom of expression in digital justice

A key tool in the struggle for a free Internet

Freedom of expression on the Internet: opportunities and challenges for Latin America

Spam elections

Why obliging self-identification is wrong for freedom of information

Guidelines for freedom of expression on the Internet in Latin America

Political Internet censorship: a reality in Mexico (with a little help from the United States and

Documenting Internet blocking in Venezuela

Toward freer lands on the Internet

Online censorship is latent in Chile


Chilean bill on personal data protection is a setback for people and businesses

Peru's controversial law on cybercrime

The use of drones in Chile and DAN 151: innovation regulations are necessary, but insufficient

Personal data: awaiting a text

Civil Rights framework for Internet use: Brazil at the peak of Internet regulation as warrantor of rights

Digital regulation challenges for the new government of Chile

Human Rights as a bargaining chip: the case of #LeyTelecom

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