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Nbr. 9, January 2014

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

The Execution of Criminal Fine Penalty

This paper aims at dissecting the criminal provisions on criminal enforcement of fines in current Romanian criminal law with the goal of highlighting the new penal policy stated in the larger field of criminal penalties. In the new Criminal Code the fine penalty experience a new regulation, but also a wider scope compared to the Criminal Code from 1968, with an exponential growth of the number of offenses or variations of them, for which a fine may be imposed as a unique punishment, but, espe...

Notorious Cases of Serial Killers

The reconstruction of a death scene provides an overall picture of the crime and will indicate the murder as an event or one of a series of events and also the criminal. But when the criminal is declared a serial killer, many questions are raised up. How could a person kill some else without a reason or why people react in such a disorganized way and become so brutal or what made them act like that and so many questions with also so many answers. This project explains the psychology of a murd...

The Untold War

The application of psychology infused with principles of emotional strength and mental health initiates performance enhancement within an individual and then collectively to a unit in the military. The richness and intensity of psychological phenomena generated by the military environment allow us to affirm, without the fear of being wrong, that the army is a genuine experimental laboratory of psychology. To bring level of details to awareness in the military all must have a high developed an...

Facial Recognition

During their lifetime, people learn to recognize thousands of faces that they interact with. Face perception refers to an individual's understanding and interpretation of the face, particularly the human face, especially in relation to the associated information processing in the brain. The proportions and expressions of the human face are important to identify origin, emotional tendencies, health qualities, and some social information. From birth, faces are important in the individual's soci...

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