Table of Contents

Information Technology & Telecommunications

The New Innovative Information System Minimizes Real Estate Transaction Risks


Tambet Toomela: Introducing Preventive Damages - Are We Standing On The Brink Of American Enormous Compensations?

The Newest Civil Code in Europe

The Privatisation of Estonian Railway System Constitutes a Precedent in Europe

Banking and Financial

More Strict Regulation of Insurance Activities

The Telecommunications Act Amendment Act

The Competition Act Amendment Act


Law to Guarantee Involvement of Employees in Company Activities

New Income Tax Rates

Harmonization in the Supervision of Credit Institutions

Seafarers Act Amendment Act

European Union's Common Agricultural Policy Implementation Act

Customs Act

Corporate/ Company Law

Establishing A Company Takes Only Two Hours In Estonia

Liberalisation of Restrictions Regarding the Place of Residence of Members of Management Boards


Taxation Of Transfer Prices In Estonia As Of 1 January 2007

Intellectual Property

Estonia Makes It 13 For The UPC

The Estonian Patent Act

Overview Of The Trade Marks Act

Corporate/Company Law

Restructuring And Insolvency In Estonia 2009


Juridical Mortgage Survives Bankruptcy Proceedings


New Case Law Involving Competition Restrictions And Court Fees

Employment and HR

Time To Compile A Holiday Schedule

Employment In Finland Should Ensure Working Conditions On A Par With Those In Finland

Minimum Wage Rate Raised

Accounting and Audit

Extending Terms Of Office Of Supervisory And Management Board Members

Approval Of Annual Report

Corporate/Commercial Law

Management Board Member Agreements

Confirming REA (Register Of Economic Activities) Registration


Manufacturing Of Pharmaceutical Products - Estonia

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