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desde Enero 2014
Último Número: Julio 2014

Cacucci Editore
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Año 2014

Núm. 1-2014, Julio 2014


The Exit from the Sovereign Debt Crisis: National Policies, European Reforms and Monetary Policy

Social Market Economy

Social Market Economy and Economic Democracy: the Trade Union's Role

The paper discusses the role that the trade union can play in the construction of the new European Social Market Economy, widening the frontiers of democracy. In the current situation of "social dismantling", it is necessary in fact to increase the number of the protagonists of the political, economic, and social life, emphasising the principle of the common good and its cultural values. In this framework, according to the Author, the trade union must take full responsibility for directing, c...

Social Services of General Interest (SSGI) and the Sustainability of European Social Model

This text analyses the features of SSIG within the broad category of SIG. Since no biding definition can be found either in primary or secondary EU law, social services have to be considered in accordance to the principles, aims and organization forms they are delivered. It is then analysed the legal framework and the role of SSGI in fulfilling territorial, social and economic cohesion, high level of employment, equality, social inclusion and economic growth. The social dimension of the EU in...

For a New Humanism of the Economy

The Social Doctrine of the Church (SDC) can contribute to define a "new humanism in the economy", since the economy needs ethics in order to function correctly. SDC identifies four permanent principles: the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity, and solidarity, which can be summarized in the "integral human development and the central role of the person". By convention, the SDC begins with Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical Letter "Rerum Novarum" (1891) and its construction has h...

Round Table on the European Defense

A New European Policy for Development: the Defense Piece

Defence as an Engine of European Political Integration


Towards a European Party System

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