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The European Institute
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Vol. 9 Núm. 3, Septiembre 2008

Letter from the publisher: a call to be listened to.

The end of happy endings in the post-cold war.

Russia on Georgia - Cover story

Georgia: breakdown of vision the west had for a New Europe.

Cover story

Russia and the EU: the difficult path to a new partnership.

Cover story

The end of history?--certainly not through Asia's eyes.

SWF's are making political waves in the U.S. and EU.

Finance - Sovereign wealth funds - Viewpoint essay

Europe must present a single market to SWF's.

Finance - Sovereign wealth funds - Viewpoint essay

Norway's wealth fund answers to voters.

Finance - Viewpoint essay

U.S. flap on the aerial tanker could be self-defeating.


Europe can offer defense deals Washington can't refuse.


Reforms in U.S. licensing process facilitate joint allied operations.


Moving forward with the transatlantic economic council.

Transatlantic Relations - Transatlantic Economic Council - Organization overview

Energy research: grasping transatlantic opportunities.

Environment and Energy

Non-nuclear energy cooperation needs a new push.

Environment and Energy

A pragmatist's view of global geopolitics.

VERBATIM - Hubert Vedrine - Interview

Vedrine's world: the outlook of nations around the globe.

VERBATIM - Atlas du Monde Global - Book review

The Demilitarization of Europeans.

Where Have All The Soldiers Gone? The Transformation of Modern Europe - Book review

The way globalization actually works in Europe.

Globalization and Europe: Prospering in the New Whirled Order - Book review

New markets expanding for dirty businesses.

McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal World - Book review

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