Commission Fines Ordre National Des Pharmaciens for Imposing Minimum Prices

EC Publishes Draft Antitrust Rules Governing Distribution Agreements

Intellectual Property

Commission And Council Positions Signal End Of Plant-Related Patents

Antidote To Toxic Divisionals—European Patent Office Rules On Partial Priorities

EPO Stay Of Proceedings In Biotech Cases

Alcoholic Marks – Round 2

Sweet Decision For Chocolove

A Victory For Pharmaceutical Trade Mark Owners

The Likelihood Of Confusion In The European Union Trade Mark Opposition Procedure – Part II

EU General Court Finds All Art Too Similar

Spirits Run Out For Aldi

Whisky- All In The Blend

Kit Kat Shape Mark: Has The EU General Court Pre-Judged The UK Court Of Appeal?

MILLE MIGLIA v. E-MIGLIA - Similar Services Get Limited Mileage At EU General Court

EU Advocate General In Favour Of Broad Protection Against Hyperlinking To Copyright Works

Copyright And Communication To Public In Hotel Rooms

EU General Court Rules On Acquired Distinctive Character Of Kit Kat Shape Mark

No Patentability For Products Of Essentially Biological Processes

The Likelihood Of Confusion In The European Union Trade Mark Opposition Procedure – Part I

Trade Secrets Directive In Implementation Process And 2017 Launch Of Unified Patent Court Becomes Possibility

The EPO Raises The Bar On Plausibility When Assessing Inventive Step: T688/16 - Dasatinib

Dasatinib – Post-Filing Data In Europe

EPO Enlarged Board Referral On Disclaimers And Added Matter G1/16

Has The EPO's Enlarged Board Detoxified 'Poisonous Divisionals'?

Balancing The Scales — The Emerging European Approach To Tackling IP Issues In The Online World

Unified Patent Court Could Be Operational As Early As December 2017

European Unified Patent Court Roll-Out Planned For 2017

ECJ On Digital Lending Of E-Books

European Commission Publishes Revised Guidelines On Criteria For Orphan Designations Of Medicinal Products

Distinctive Character. Music To Your Ears - Not!

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