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from September 2000
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Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
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Nbr. 2015, February 2015

A word from the president: 'cost-cutting alone is not the answer. There must also be a long-term vision'.

Editor's note.


I worked on ... a complete IT overhaul.

Information technology - Career development of financial managers - Column

US economic recovery will gain momentum, says PwC.


British finance directors sink into bearishness.


Hot potato: this issue's dilemma.

INFORM - Rules for financial managers - Brief article

Institute highlights technological and ethical imperatives facing members.


Bitcoin suffers $5m loss in theft from exchange.


On CGMA. Org: for chartered global management accountants, the following content is available online.


Security worries keep firms wary of entering cloud.


Flair warning: most employers are failing to make the best use of the assessment information at their disposal when making talent management decisions.


Gonna make you a star: how a firm becomes a household name: the author of Brand Famous suggests some key steps to help your business stand out in a congested marketplace.

MUST READ - Brand Famous: How to get Everyone Talking About your Business - Book review



Thinking: revenue management: a top-line tool that does more than improve results.


Opinion: Greece remains in the mire, years after the economic crisis struck. Although there are some encouraging signs of recovery, says Yiannis Baboulias, it sorely needs the right leadership.


Led by finance.


The insider view: Toronto: Financial Management examines how business is conducted in cities around the world, with local experts acting as guides.


The data: climate change: there's still time to act.

Sphere of influence.

Dialogue with Sri Mulyani Indrawati - Interview

Thinking big.


Tipping point.

Progress report: on the first anniversary of the publication of the International Integrated Reporting Council's IR framework, Charles Orton-Jones gauges the extent to which it has been adopted around the world.

Upping the anti.

Economic aspects of financial market in Europe

8 ways to ... ensure comprehensive compliance.

Dialogue with Richard Hibbert - Interview

Hi-tech tools of the trade in association with IBM[R]: today's leaders need to master all the cutting-edge tech at their disposal to get the most from the modern finance function.

Staying safe in the cloud: with online solutions and cloud-based systems becoming increasingly common for accountancy practitioners, what steps can you take to ensure that your clients' data is secure?


Financial reporting and taxation.


Integrated case study exams at strategic, management and operational levels.

All pillars

How to close the gap between research findings and practice in management accounting.

Technical notes

Putting theory into practice: why is a cash-rich firm such as Apple using the bond markets?

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