New Law Requires Changes in French Corporate Business


Outsourcing And Transfer Of Undertakings Under French Law: Protection Of Employee Rights And Obligations Towards The Works Council

French Employers Who Provide Staff with Internet Access Are Held to the Same Data Retention Obligations as ISPs

Assembly Passes Bill That Would Let Trade Unions Use Company Email

New Tax Regime Applying to Real Estate Companies Listed in France: Recent Comments by the French Tax Authorities

Recent French Supreme Court Decision on Employer Monitoring of Employee's Email

VAT And E-Commerce: A New Case Of Transatlantic Tax Competition?

Labour & Employment

Age Discrimination

Agreement On The Modernization Of The Labor Market

Labor, Employment And Purchasing Power In France

Self-Dismissal: To Be Continued … Or The End?

Adapting UK company policies

Bidding UK law 'adieu'?

Globalization of Human Resources in Times of Economic Uncertainty and Political Turmoil

A New Regime for French Approved Options

Corporate/ Company Law

The ICC's New Dispute Board Rules

American Pension Funds In France - Corporate Governance

Electricity Liberalisation in France: Slow Start, High Pace

Banking and Financial

New Social Security Treatment On Stock Options And Restricted Stock Units

France Completes Implementation Of Cross-Border Mergers Directive

Changes to French Competition Rules

The New Hiring Contract

The European Company: An Opportunity in France in the Near Future

Recent Developments in Pharmaceutical and Bioethics Law

Arbitration: Rapid, Inexpensive Resolution Of International Disputes

Introduction of Preferred Shares in French Law

Radical Overhaul of the French Data Protection/Anti-Spam Regime as France Implements Two European Directives

The Expected Changes in the French Securitization Regulatory Framework

Virtual Casinos at the Frontiers of the Law

Information Technology & Telecommunications

IT Contracts and Liability Limitation Clauses

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